Connect Reception Seat

Connect is an armchair that makes waiting highly likeable. A wide and comfortable seat and back enable unrestrained comfort. The system of shelves of various shapes connecting the armchairs allows to arrange space in any desired manor, depending on available area and its function. The unimposing style easily fits into various types of interiors.
Connect Reception SeatConnect Reception Seat
Connect Reception Seat with ArmsConnect Reception Seat with Arms
Conect Chrome LinkConect Chrome Link
Connect with Linked Table 51x51Connect with Linked Table 51x51
Connect with Linked Table 90 DegreesConnect with Linked Table 90 Degrees
Connect with Linked Table 60 DegreesConnect with Linked Table 60 Degrees
Connect Chrome DimensionsConnect Chrome Dimensions
Connect Chrome Table DimensionsConnect Chrome Table Dimensions
Connect 51x51 Linking Table DimensionsConnect 51x51 Linking Table Dimensions
Connect Chrome 90° Linking Table DimensionsConnect Chrome 90° Linking Table Dimensions
Connect Chrome 60° Linking Table DimensionsConnect Chrome 60° Linking Table Dimensions
Connect Reception Seat FinishesConnect Reception Seat Finishes
Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Seat and backrest upholstered from all sides
  • Natural leather, leather imitation or fabric upholstery
  • Solid chromium plated metal frame
  • Solid wooden arm pads
  • Linking device available
  • Connect table available
  • Connecting shelves in 3 different shapes, assembled separately
  • Numerous options of chair and shelf linking configurations
  • Blue and black options from manufacturers stock (10 day delivery standard)
  • Connect seating is available with left, right, both or no arms
  • Connecting square, 60˚or  90˚ tables