Sem-Ex 5 Desk

Sem-Ex 5 Desk comprises of a number of configurations based on selected aspects of other existing ranges which offer an integral solution for “semi” executive workspaces. A practical scheme that integrates storage, meeting areas and workstations together; and that also offers tables with structural credenzas and configurations with wider dimensions for Managers ... And an added of pleasant design and aesthetic.
Sem-Ex 5 DeskSem-Ex 5 Desk
Sem-Ex 5 DeskSem-Ex 5 Desk
Sem-Ex 5 Desk with High Cabinet DimensionsSem-Ex 5 Desk with High Cabinet Dimensions
Sem-Ex 5 Desk FinishesSem-Ex 5 Desk Finishes
Manufacturer: Manufacturer


  • 30 mm thick melamine particle board. 2 mm thick thermofused edges around the perimeter.
  • Drilled underneath to allow the assembly.
  • Cable management with standard or melamine top access with anti-dust brush.


  • 3 module cabinets.
  • The first and third modules are formed by a cabinet with overload shelves (30 mm thick) and doors with handles (locks are provided in the handle and both may be opened with the same key).
  • The first module is always 80 cm and the second one may be 80 or 45 cm.
  • The central module is formed by 2 upper doors without handles, a central overload shelf (30 mm thick) and a desk support cabinet with electrifiable CPU holder (with door) and cable management tray included and two spaces with shelves.