Harts FX Filing Cabinets

Harts FX Filing Cabinets are built from a solid 18mm carcass, are locking and incorporate anti tilt.
Harts FX Filing CabinetsHarts FX Filing Cabinets
Harts FX Fillng Cabinet 2 DrawHarts FX Fillng Cabinet 2 Draw
Harts FX Fillng Cabinet 4 DrawHarts FX Fillng Cabinet 4 Draw
Harts FX Filling Cabinet DimensionsHarts FX Filling Cabinet Dimensions
Harts FX ColoursHarts FX Colours
Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Available in 2, 3 and 4 drawer.
  • All tops are 25mm
  • All carcasses (sides & back) are 18mm
  • Delivery approx 4-5 Weeks