Harts FX Tambour Cupboards

Harts FX Tambour Cupboards are side opening with inset handles, lockable and available with either black or silver slats.
Harts FX Tambour CupboardsHarts FX Tambour Cupboards
Internal fillingInternal filling
Harts FX Tambour Cupboards DimensionsHarts FX Tambour Cupboards Dimensions
Harts FX Tambour ColoursHarts FX Tambour Colours
Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • All tops are 25mm
  • All carcasses (sides & back) are 18mm
  • All shelves are 25mm
  • Delivery approx 4-5 Weeks

Internal Fittings Available

  • 25mm Wooden Shelf
  • Metal Shelf With Lateral Frame
  • Steel Pullout Filing Frame