Genoa Panel End Desks

Sometimes the simplest ideas are often the most effective. For environments where public may view your desk from the side, to just simply wanting your workstation to entirely co-ordinate, Roma is the simple yet stylish answer.

To add interest, contrasting wood finishes may be used on the back panel at no extra cost.
Genoa Panel End DesksGenoa Panel End Desks
Genoa Panel End Desks with Silver Modesty Panel & Desk ExtensionGenoa Panel End Desks with Silver Modesty Panel & Desk Extension
Genoa Panel End Desk Top ShapesGenoa Panel End Desk Top Shapes
Genoa Panel End Desk DimensionsGenoa Panel End Desk Dimensions
Genoa Panel End Desks FinishesGenoa Panel End Desks Finishes
Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Available in either 18mm or 25mm Desktops.
  • As this range is manufactured to order, please allow approx 3 weeks delivery from order.
  • Desktops are manufactured to BS 3962 & BS4875, resistant to heat, staining and scratching.
  • 10 Year Guarantee under normal usage.