Art Bench Desks

Art Bench Desk System is a modern and economic method of space organisation.

The use of one long desktop, shared by a few people, reduces the number of frames and legs used in arranging the space and consequently cut down on the costs of office furnishing. It is also an excellent way of integrating a team, especially beneficial in businesses that require creative team spirit. Desktop panels can be added with accessories such as pinable boards and organising trays. Over time, if new desktops are required to change an image or colour scheme, only desktops need to be replaced allowing a low cost option for the future.
Art Bench DesksArt Bench Desks
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Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Because this range is manufactured to order from Poland, please allow approx 5 weeks delivery
  • Desktops are made of 25mm thick chipboard in Laminated only
  • Specially designed, the construction of the frame allows the use of a sliding desktop for selected desk shape (Rectangular).
  • Fitted with an ID plate and a replaceable insert, which in a standard model comes in the colour of the desk legs.

A bench workstation includes:

  • A basic module - two tops connected to a single frame (2 desks)
  • An additional module - attached to the basic module (2 additional workstations)
  • Sliding tops come as standard which allow easy cable access.