August 2011

Draftsman's Chairs

Draftsman's chairs were traditionally fairly basic with limited design and adjustments. Whist these versions still have their place, now those with bad backs and posture problems have the choice of draftsman's chairs which offer further support.

The Steelcase Let's B Draftsman's chair for example has a softer foam at the lumbar area which provides an extra cushioned support, whereas the upper back is supported by a firmer foam. The back shell itself is also flexible to mimic your every move. Castors or glides can be used depending if you need the chair to move or stay in a static position.

The Task version of the Let's B can be seen and tried within our large showroom which has the same seat and back as the Let's B Draftsmans version.

To view the Let's B Draftsman's chair Click Here

Steelcase Let's B Draftsman Chair