Focus on Screens

Screens are much more than space dividers. On desking they provide the user with their own space for thought and freestanding they can section off an area, create separate departments or indeed create an office with doors.

But that is not all. Certain ranges can also:

  • House monitor arms
  • Can be pinable  
  • reduce noise
  • incorporate branding
  • hold work tools (e.g. letter trays)

There are many from budget to high grade. Finishes range from fabric & vinyl to laminates and acrylic.

Almost all ranges can be retro fitted.

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Desktop Screens HartsStraight, Curve or Wave


Wave ScreensStraight, Curve or Wave


Fusion ScreensStraight or Wave

Can be Fabric, part glazed, full glazed, with slatwall, perforated steel mesh or laminate

 Freestanding ScreensStraight, Wave, Angle or Curve

Available on castors for mobile requirements.

Free Standing Fusion Straight or Wave

Can be Fabric, part glazed, full glazed, with slat wall, perforated steel mesh or laminate

hlo screensHigh Level Office Screens

An alternative to partitioning High Level Screens can incorporate doors and glazing which can also include blinds